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We design the software to keep YOU in control of YOUR designs, campaigns, profits, fulfillment and best of all you keep your customers! Grow your own Business. Be your own Brand. Build your Clientele. Maximize your Profits. We've tried every major platform out there. and the ALL fall short. We got tired of doing all the work and not getting any of the perks. There were too many restrictions and hoops to jump to maximize our profits.

Who We Are

Tee Profits Pro revolutionizes the online marketing game. We provide you an all-in-one platform to manage campaigns: create, design, advertise, sell, print and ship ecommerce products...All from one simple to use website.

All you need to get started is a hosted domain, Paypal and a basic knowledge online sales and marketing. we'll show you the rest!

It's that easy- Just design a product and SELL! It only takes a few minutes to launch a campaign and Earn money! There are no hidden goals, and no limit to your profits! And, there are no minimums- Print one shirt or print 1,000- no matter what you make money!

We've partnered with the BEST fulfillment and distribution companies on the market to handle all of your merchandising needs! All you need is good ideas and a desire to Earn Money NOW. We handle the rest.

Best of all, your customers pay you directly and INSTANTLY via PayPal or any major credit card! No more waiting for your money! You are in complete control of all your margins!

Get Started Today and Start Earning!